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the_love_hotel's Journal

The Love Hotel
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You wake alone in a room, on a large bed with silk sheets and a plush comforter. The walls are painted red and decorated with some... interesting paintings on the wall and plenty of mirrors to spare (even on the ceiling, yes). You are in a love hotel, a place designed for base desires to be acted on. Relax, let yourself be swept away with the pleasant aroma in the air, drink and eat for free, live here for free... the only requirement is you give in to any urges that may arise.

The hotel will help, if you need it. That pleasant aroma, that strange spice in the food, the slight flavor to the water? It's an aphrodisiac that varies in strength all the time.

There are endless rooms in the hotel, movie theaters, restaurants, clothing shops, a park outside, pools, and anything else you could ever want... except an exit, of course.

The employees of the hotel are like drones, mindlessly serving you, indulging you in whatever you could want, so feel free to indulge.

the_love_hotel is a pan-fandom dressing room community set in a Japanese-style love hotel. You don't have to apply, just join with your character's journal and have fun. This hotel is slash and het friendly.

01. Be nice, don't bring drama into the community.
02. Expect multiples. This is a dressing room and no one is going to play a character to your liking, but if you can't be polite, don't bother to comment at all.
03. This is a sex-based game, so no one under the age of 18 may join.
04. Relax, have fun.


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